• TCU Worth Hills Village
  • TCU Worth Hills Village
  • TCU Worth Hills Village
  • TCU Worth Hills Village

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TCU Worth Hills Village

Fort Worth, Texas

TCU’s Worth Hills Village, comprised of the Pamela and Edward Clark and Marion Halls, opened its doors to nearly 400 residents in August of 2013. Texas Bomanite worked with Newman Jackson Bieberstein on the design phase & The Beck Group for the installation.

The project includes a walkway that extends from the back of the dormitory complex, through an open-air corridor between Clark and Marion Halls, to the corner of Stadium Drive and Bellaire Drive N. The walkway features areas of Bomanite Sandscape in the color Gobi Desert and is highlighted by two custom TCU logos, a (25 foot circumference) TCU Horned Frog and (62 foot circumference) TCU letters encapsulated within a circle. The custom Micro-Top logos were created by using a custom Pantone color mix to match the TCU purple and the Gobi Desert-colored Sandscape. All work was done within an accelerated construction schedule.

We enjoyed working with everyone involved and look forward to the possibility of work in the near future.